The new way to get in touch with your fans!

Music is an important part of the lives of many people. Especially in this time of isolation and distance, music gives comfort and connection. The ability to make music together but at an appropriate distance and at different locations is now possible with Go Live.

Join your band members in a live concert while everyone else is at a different location! Everyone hears each other playing in sync so you can play as a band at one pace. This is the unique technical solution of Go Live World.

The world yearns to be inspired by music again.
Don’t wait and get started!




Our first Live concert is with Guido Dieteren and his team
and they will be playing for the clients of Philadelphia. 

GoLive team is now working on new Live concerts so stay tuned for more gigs.

2020-05-08 20:00:00










If you want to be present as a press at one of the live performances or have other questions please let us 

know via the form below. 

Our team will then contact you to see what 
the possibilities are.

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Deze innovatie is mede mogelijk is gemaakt met steun 

van het Kickstart Fonds van de Economische 

Samenwerking Zuid-Limburg ESZL