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let's go live.

You will arrange the ticket sales of your Go Live concert based on pay per view. So you decide for yourself how big your audience is. That can consist of a small group of people up to thousands of viewers. 

Fans can watch all at the same time with a Golive ticket. You're having a party in all those living rooms! We provide a stable and secure environment that ensures that the Golive tickets are protected with a unique identification code. You can use the Golive ticket once after activation and not distribute it. 

In addition, the rights regarding the content of the artist are protected. The performance is one-off and is nowhere else to be seen than in the vicinity of Go Live World. This way you always maintain the direction and management of your music. 
  • In charge of your own content and music

  • Stable cloud environment for live distribution

  • Pay per view system

  • Closed environment for viewers with a Golive-ticket

  • Sell Golive-ticket under own management

  • Own style and design  with overlays/in starts during the live performance

  • Protection of copyright of video and audio*

*We can only guarantee that the unique stream cannot be distributed. We cannot guarantee a recording of the stream via, for example, a mobile phone.


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